Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sharks 2, Bruins 0.

(No photo today. I'm not going to waste my time stealing a photo online from a reputable source, then editing it in photoshop, then posting it)

To be honest, I didn't rush to put up this post (not that I normally do) but after the other night against Dallas, yesterday's, and all games in the forseeable future will pale in comparison.

This post isn't going to be very long, because there isn't much to talk about. The Bruins played decent, but were unable to score. Their rookie guy scored on a bit of a garbage goal, on a play that i felt should have been stopped due to Recchi getting tripped in front of the opposite goal seconds earlier. The Bruins couldn't do anything on the power play, partially because the Sharks have a very aggressive penalty kill. McQuaid lost a fight. Thorty dropped the gloves with Jamal Mayers (much to my delight. Mayers is a piece of shit), but the hero linesmen had to break it up. LET THEM FIGHT. Timmy played allright. The defense played great. Despite the pluses, the B's just can't seem to beat Joe Thornton and the Sharks.

That's it. The Bruins host les deuchebaguettes on Wednesday. Who knows, maybe we'll see Camalleri/Krejci II. I'm gonna go watch the Super Bowl. Hopefully a rapist won't win this year.

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