Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maple Leafs 4, Bruins 3. Yuck.

Ew. That was ugly. The B's blew a lead, gained it back, and then blew it again with a minute left in the third to lose to the shitty Leafs. I think Timmy's Hart chances are probably gone now, as he looks like a human again.

One thing that I saw that was pretty funny was Wheeler (I think) get into a shoving match with Kaberle, only to stop after realizing who he was shoving, almost as if to say "hey, you could be on our team tomorrow. Lets be friends."

One-Nut Kessel finally scored against the Bruins, and it only took nearly two years. Good job Phil, we're all impressed. Enjoy playing golf from April to October.

The Bruins got Chris Kelly from Ottawa in a very unexciting move. I honestly don't know much about this guy, but who knows, maybe he'll be awesome (doubt it). They got their forward, now they want their defenseman. Will it be Kaberle? We'll see.

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