Monday, February 14, 2011

Losses to Detroit, the ranting of a crazed fan, fighting in hockey, and the douche bag from "The Hockey News".

Happy Valentines Day. This could be a long post.

Lets get things started with a couple losses to Detroit. The first game I was lucky enough to miss, as Detroit stomped our balls 6-1. Yesterday was a little closer, but Detroit  won 4-2. Detroit looks like a good team and if the Bruins are good enough to make it to the finals, I hope somehow they play Edmonton. The Leafs are in town on Tuesday night, so lets forget about the shitshow this past weekend and focus on Toronto's terrible team.

"Guess what? Hockey has fights. Enough with the fines. Don't like hockey? Get out of it. I can honestly say I disagree with every word that comes out of Pierre McGuire's mouth. How does he have a job? Rape charges, night club murders, beating each other to a bloody pulp in the center of a cage ring, these are nothing compared to the terrible violence of hockey. If you are not a regular hockey game viewer and you decide to watch a game that happens to be covered by NBC, do yourself a favor and put the tv on mute. You will learn more about the sport. Edzo is correcting Thomas's aggressive style now. Oh i'm sorry for a second i thought Timmy was having a record shattering season so far. But yeah i guess his style is not effective. Nothing worse than a jackass blabber mouth, who has no idea what they are talking about. On that note im gonna stop now." 
- Casey, via Facebook.

When taken out of context, Casey sounds insane. But he brings up all good points. He and I will regularly text each other during the games and to say the least, he is not a fan of NBC's coverage, with good reason. NBC tries to water everything down so it has the appeal of baseball for the casual audience, and they end up with a bland, dogshit product (Plus Doc Emerick sounds like a crazy old woman). At least Versus would be better If Joe Beninati would just get his larynx removed by a hooker with a broken bottle.

I could go on and on all day about hockey fights. If you are a fan of hockey and don't like the physical aspect of the game, guess what? You aren't a fan of hockey. Fights happen. Brawls happen. It's the only sport that can police itself. Fighting has been part of the game since the beginning.  All these people saying that these incidents are embarrassing for the NHL (I'm looking at you, Mario Lemieux, you self-rightous prick - see a great article about this here) should be embarrassed at themselves. If you don't like it, go watch soccer. It's basically the same idea as hockey, but with drastically less physicality. There was a recent NHL players poll which saw 98% of players said to keep fighting in hockey. NINETY EIGHT PERCENT. Players want it, fans want it. It's not going anywhere, so stop crying about it. Don't try to turn it into baseball.

There's a writer for the Hockey News named Adam Proteau, and this guy has certainly caught my attention over the last month or so. This asshole actually had the balls to write that Matt Cooke has been victimized by his hit on March Savard. He goes on to state that the NHL encourages players to play on the edge and he shouldn't be held fully responsible for his actions. Next, he said that the NHL season is too long and leads to too many injuries. Okay, so not only is he an asshole, but he's a sissy-boy too. A couple weeks later, he had an article where he condemns the Habs/Bruins brawl because players could "suffer serious injury. In the same article, this piece of shit actually fucking calls out the NHL saying that the recent suspension to Matt Cooke is "an absolute joke and blight on the sport." Now he's a hypocrite too?

Fuck you in the fucking face, Adam Proteau. The Hockey News Twitter consistently retweets his personal Twitter postings (his twitter is @Proteautype). Guess who runs the Hockey News's official Twitter? Adam Fuck Face Proteau. He is giving us the impression that the Hockey News, a respected hockey source, shares his shitty sentiments. Asshole? Check. Pussy? Check. Hypocrite? You bet. Add bullshit liar to that list, too. I know that he will never read this, but this guy had me floored yesterday. End rant.

Just was to say hi to Tom out in the desert (Kuwait maybe?). Stay safe and keep following the B's.


  1. I love all of this! especially the parts with me in it! MORE FIGHITING

  2. i'm almost possitive that andy brickley is the only good game talker over guy. i've never heard him make a call that i disagreed with completely. he never makes the wrong call (announces something that did not actually happen). he is always fair with little to no bias. he never talks in detail about something he is not educated about. and the guy played in an era in which i still considered old time hockey. i cant think of a guy off the top of my head that can match up to his skill. maybe the tsn guys but they are a canadian broadcast and have no excuse to get it wrong.

  3. Few things:
    1. Why does Lemieux think it prudent to comment now, when a player on his team has been running around this league for several years doing the things that he doesn't like? Le Douche.
    2. My left nut apparently knows more about hockey than Proteau. F that guy right in the A.
    3. Brick has grown on me as well. He has extensive knowledge of the game, and the fact that he swore during a NESN telecast cemented his place in my heart forever.
    4. As your friend Casey said, "MORE FIGHTING!" Love it all.