Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bruins win twice, make some trades, and the Flying Cthulhu!

Which looks more odd?

 Sorry for the delay. I've been somewhat lazy as of late.

The B's opened their road trip with a good offensive night by beating the Islanders 6-3 on Thursday. They then went up to Ottawa and beat the depleted Sens 4-2. You may be saying to yourself "So? They should have won those games." and you would be correct. They beat two of the league's shittiest teams, so nothing too impressive on that front. Their offense is looking okay right about now, but maybe that's because of the sub-par teams they are facing.

The B's have about 23 games left in the season. Chiareli finally landed Tomas Kaberle from Toronto, as well as Chris Kelly from Ottawa, Rich Peverley and some big Slavic retard from Atlanta. The Bruins had to give up Joe Colborne, a draft pick and a conditional pick to Toronto, and Blake Wheeler and Marc Stuart to Atlanta.

The old guys: Don't know Colborne, don't care. Wheeler.... sigh.... Last year I was literally screaming at my TV for the Bruins to trade him, even up into this year a little bit. Julien put him down on the fourth line with Thornton and Campbell, and all of a sudden he knew how to use his size and play physical. His offense improved too. Ultimately, he wasn't consistent enough and down to the ghetto of Atlanta he goes. Stuart was a good Bruin, he just lacked the finesse for the B's to keep him. I loved his physical game, most notably him going out of his way to green light dumbasses with their heads down. He was the odd man out, and if he hadn't gotten injured earlier in the year, he may still be in Boston.

The new guys: Kaberle is here and all our dreams will finally come true. We'll see. This trade has been years in the making so hopefully he will show us why. Chris Kelly.... seems like a nice guy. I don't know shit about him, other than he wears a visor. Ditto for Peverley.

Are these the Stanley Cup winners?

Come on you assholes, win the god damn cup for us. Their Canadian tour continues Tuesday in Calgary.

Also, my hockey team is in the championship game this Friday. Beer money is at stake! Go Flying Cthulhu!


  1. I think tomorrow night against the flames will be a good measuring stick to see where we are at right now. they are a good team and have been on fire lately. Go Flying Cthulhu!!

  2. Well..we all hope you got the message from " RICHARD GROSSMAN" that their is BOO- WASHINGTON?
    With OD'S?
    Don't want to miss the " PARTY FOR ARYANS" with ARDEN- YOUNG- ROSS- MANN- RICE- HANSEN- REDPATH.
    " DO YOU"?