Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bruins 8, Canadiens 6: New. Best. Game. EVER.

I have to stop watching the Bruins. Why waste my time? They will never have an awesome game like this ever again, right?

If you are a Bruins fan (you must be, why else would you be here) and you missed tonight's game, you have a couple options. First, the obvious. Second, stop reading and watch "Bruins In Two" on NESN at midnight.

Okay, lets get started. First off I'd like to say HOLY GOD DAMN SHITTY FUCKING SHIT. I have never seen a game like that. Sure, we've all seen the games with the huge brawls at the end, but tonight's game had 14 goals and 192 penalty minutes, including a goofy, awkward goalie "fight". (Note: The official score sheet says 192 PIM, but Campbell's fighting major isn't listed, which leads me to believe this number could go up. Basically this score sheet says that he beat Pyatt's ass and didn't get a penalty, but Pyatt did. The PIM totals will probably change a couple times.) Just off the top of my head, fights by Thomas, Krejci, Thornton, Ference, Boychuk, Thomas and Campbell, plus Horton, Recchi, Marchand and McQuaid tried their hardest to find a willing dance partner.

As I sat down to watch this game, I said to my girlfriend "They're playing the Canadiens tonight; don't expect any fights". This game was chippy and physical from the get-go. After the awesome Dallas game, I thought that they would be all fought-out for a few games. I couldn't have been more wrong. Look, I enjoy the physical part of hockey. I like it when guys stick up for their teammates. I like big hits. I like fights and I REALLY like brawls. But who doesn't? I think everyone can at least agree that it makes the game a lot more exciting. Lately, the Habs have gotten the best of the Bruins, but they turned it around tonight. I couldn't have asked for a better game to watch, and especially handing out an ass kicking (literally) to their most hated rivals. What was there, three seperate brawls? I lost track. You know this is a good game if I immediately go write my shitty article.

The Bruins are the toughest team to play against. I don't care what you say. This is my blog, so I'm always right. This team will kick you in the dick, score 5 goals, then come out and kick it again. Officially, they have the most fighting majors in the NHL this season with 52, and already have 5 more than they did all of last season. This team is willing to fuck you up at any time. They have 16 different players with fighting majors this year, up from 10 last year. Not only can they fight, and fight well, but they are starting to click with the goal scoring, which was a disaterous problem last year. If they add a goal scorer by the trade deadline (Matt Moulson? Mike Fisher? Who knows?), this team could be scarey good.(I just watched the video again. Campbell and Boychuck absolutely tuned up Pyatt and Spacek. Ouch.) If they can continue to just goon it up in every game, expect a lot of room to skate and make plays on the ice. I LOVE the style of play from them in the last couple weeks. They look like a bunch of fucking criminals out there. It's the best, Jerry, the best!

I like when the Bruins score goals too. They matched their season high with goals by Marchand, Seidenberg, McQuaid, and Horton, and both Ryder and  Lucic scored two a piece. Tim Thomas....kinda sucked, but he didn't suck worse than Carey Price and hey, a win is a win.
This wasn't nearly as cool as this picture suggests.
So yeah, Timmy skated out to center ice, much to my delight. I was literally squealing like a teenage girl who just spotted Justin Beiber at the local mall. I was not a fan of what happened next: They each shook hands, poured a glass of lemonade, and laid down for a nap at center ice. Carey was the little spoon.

There you have it. Just mayhem all over the ice. The Bruins play their best when they are kicking ass. I can't wait to see what goons the Habs call up for these two's next game...which is March 8 in Montreal. Expect part II. I'm probably forgetting a bunch of stuff that I wanted to say, but what a good fucking game.

I forgot to mention that I got to meet Chara the other day. He was very nice and very huge, with long, pterodactyl-like arms. I asked him what he said to Steve Ott to get a misconduct the other night. He said "Not much really, you'd be surprised."
Also, feel free to recommend this blog, post it on your facebook, tweet it, etc. I want to feel like my dumb ranting is being enjoyed by some fans.


  1. Isn't Mike Fisher married to Carrie Underwood?

  2. He is. He got traded today the Nashville Predators.

    Carrie Underwood. Nashville. Hmmmm......

  3. "the canadians do not need an enforcer" says coach martin. LOL! Kinda wish Tuukka was in net . he would have killed price with a milk crate. love the seinfeld bit.

  4. "Kick you in the dick, score five goals and then kick you again." LEGENDARY HAHAHA

  5. Its true!

    This team should make this a weekly event. Makes for some good TV