Friday, February 4, 2011

Bruins 6, Stars 3. Best. Game. Ever.

This is what got it all started.

Okay, where to begin? Last time Dallas came to the TD Garden, it was pandemonium. That was back in the 08/09 season, so things like that don't really carry over, right?

One second in the game, Campbell looks to get some revenge on Steve Ott for a chickenshit cheapshot from last season. Despite getting his nose broken, Campbell landed some good ones of his own.

Two seconds in the game, and not to be outdone, Thornton and Barch go at it with Thorty landing uppercut after uppercut in a decisive win. At this point, the Garden crowd is going crazy.

Now a mere four seconds in, McQuaid and Sutherby go at it, and the Lone Wolf promptly ruins Sutherby's shit. TKO for McQ. The Garden crowd is now at a near-riot.

Then you have goals by Lucic and Bergeron, then another fight, this one between Andy Ference andAdam Burish. Another good, quick fight, with Ference getting the TKO. After that, Bergie scored his second of the game, and Thornton added a laser up under the crossbar. You got all that?

And if you missed it:  


In the second and third, it turned into more of a normal game. Seguin and Marchand added goals for the B's. Rask was in net and looked great in the first two periods, but looked shaky in the third. Its good because if the Stars came back from a 4-0 deficit, I was going to have to go on a murder spree.

The Bruins always play their best hockey when they are knocking other teams' dicks in, and last night was no exception. They fought, threw big hits and scored goals, all necessities in my book. The only thing that would have made this game better was if Rask and Lehtonen skated out to center ice and scrapped. I can dream, can't I?

So when did Daniel Paille get this huge chip on his shoulder? He destroyed Raymond Sawada on a hit from the side, and I'm pretty sure he will get a suspension for it. It was a borderline hit, but it's the kind of hit that the NHL wants to get rid of. It looked a lot like the Cooke on Savard hit, only without the headshot. He got a match penalty, but the Bruins were able to kill off the five minute major.

Couple of standout bullshit calls. The first was the 10 minute misconduct for Chara and Ott, for talking I guess? Some of these refs are a bunch of fucking babies. Let them play for Christ's sake. The other was the goal by McQuaid that was called back because of goaltender interference on Wheeler. When I was watching the game and I sent my pal Casey the following text message:
"Oh yeah and that Wheeler goaltender interference is the worst call I've ever seen."
And it was. I couldn't help but laugh. Just fucking dumb. Blah.

The Bruins kicked ass last night. It's one of those games that people will remember for a long time. Remember in two years when the Stars come back to the Garden, snatch up some tickets. The Bruins take on the shitty Sharks tomorrow. They need to keep this mean streak going. Fuck yeah!


  1. Best game this season! Too bad the officials got jealous and tried to steal the show.

  2. I was waiting for your post. This sounded like your kind of game!