Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bruins 3, Hurricanes 2: Goodbye Mark and Marc?

“Oh, yeah. I enjoy the constant booing for jumping ship for a couple more dollars.”
Shawn Thornton, on whether he enjoys the Boston crowd booing Phil Kessel
In case you haven't seen "Things Shawn Thornton Has Said", go check it out here.

The All Star Break is over. Lets run down the highlights: Big Z shoots really hard. Record-settingly hard. Timmy fell down, then got his third All Star Game win in a boring game with zero physicality. Final score: 147 to 89. Phil Kessel got picked last. Yadda yadda yadda. I wish they could play Olympic hockey every year.

Stay down.

Anyways, the Bruins are back and got the second half started in the right direction with a good win over Carolina last night. A couple good things happened that we haven't seen in a while: Danny Paille took a break from trying to fight guys who are over 6'3" and scored a goal. Nathan Horton.... well, he scored a goal too. And finally, Looch fought somebody!

Paille had a nice deflection to notch his first of the year. Horton broke out of the slump and finally netted one. Hopefully he can turn this into a nightly affair, similar to the beginning of the season. Lucic fought Jay Harrison, and it was over quick. Not much of a fight because the refs broke it up quickly. Good thing for Harrison, because last time these two fought, Lucic handed him his ass.

Another good thing I saw from last night: Steven Kampfer green-lighting Skinner the Beginner with .02 seconds left in the first. That was quite a nice Mark Stuart-esque shot. Oh yeah, speaking of which...

Marc Stuart. He was a healthy scratch again last night. I think this is pretty much the end for him in Boston. At the end of last year, he was one of three guys I really wanted Boston to re-sign, along with Recchi and Thornton. With Stuart getting hurt and with guys like McQuaid and Kampfer stepping up, it looks like the Bruins will use him as trade bait. I like Stuart a lot. I like the kind of hockey he plays. He seems to have a genuine disdain for his opponents. He loves to catch forwards with their heads down, and is good for some entertaining fights and doesn't back down from too many players. If he does go, I hope they send him to a west coast team so he doesn't punish our forwards. To be honest, I'd rather them ship Ference out (whom I also like), but no one is going to take his big contract. I hope the Cave Man doesn't leave, but it's not looking too good. What a perfect segway...

...Mark Savard! They are talking about shutting him down for the season. I think this is the obvious choice. He's not going to get well enough to be a help to the team. If they can put him on long term IR, then they can use his cap space to get a rental player. One of the names that have been thrown around is Zach Parise. If he is healthy, fuck it, pick him up.

Timmy is having the best year ever so far! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating:
"Thomas is now dropping jaws in the hockey world from Sunrise, Fla., to Thunder Bay with the greatest season by a goaltender in the modern NHL era through the All-Star break with less than 40 games remaining to be played. Thomas leads the NHL with a 1.88 goals against average, a .945 save percentage and seven shutouts." (From
Looks like my Thomas ass-kissing is well warranted.

The Bruins play at home tonight against the Stars. Hopefully the game goes like it did back in 2008. If you haven't seen this before, watch the whole thing, it's good:

Looking forward to Steve Ott coming back to the Garden!

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