Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sabres 7, Bruins 6 (SO): Just kill me now.


Jesus Christ, where do I begin. If you were watching the Winter Classic last night, you probably missed the shit show in Buffalo. I've had a day to digest, and now is as good a time as ever to vent.

The Good: It looks like the Bruins aren't having any trouble with offense as they scored 6 goals (Ference, Seidenberg, Marchand, Chara, Seguin and Kampfer) and set a team record with four different defensemen scoring.

The Bad: While the defense was out scoring goals, no one was playing fucking defense (including the Rask, who was yanked after one period, and Thomas). And can someone please cover Drew Stafford? This asshole has scored two hat tricks in the last two games against the Bruins. Not to mention the Sabres tied the game with 28 seconds left, with the goalie pulled. And yep, the shootout again. Thomas let in ALL THREE SHOTS. Miller barely did any better, letting up 2 out of 3. Last night's game was a "who is the shittier goalie" contest.

The Fucking Terrible: I try not to complain about the refs, but holy shit. Ference gets tripped in the defensive zone, clear as fucking day, and no call while Ference is on the ice, Buffalo scores. Then the bullshit call on Boychuk for tripping on incidental contact near the net, and it leads to a power play goal. Terrible officiating. I know NESN is a total homer network, but they continued to blast the refs throughout the game (even nice guy Brick).

At least they got a point, and that means points in their last 5 games. They take on Toronto on Monday night. Hopefully they can get their defense in check and go out there kick the balls off the Leafs.

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Some thoughts on the Winter Classic:

1. Shittsburgh was a dud. Shit city, shit weather, shit football stadium.
2. Decent game, not great. Good fight by Rupp and Erskine.
3. So glad to see the Pens lose.
4. If anyone ever said Crosby is a bitch, I think last night sealed it. Boo hoo, you lost, you little crybaby. He starts throwing sticks around with under 10 seconds left, and then is a tough guy with everyone holding him back. That game would have been great if it ended in a huge donnybrook.
5. Neither of the NHL's precious superstars scored. That bitch Crosby got knocked on his ass, and Ovechkin had a goal taken away because of goaltender interference. Oh my god, you mean there are other guys on the Capitals and Penguins?
6. HBO's 24/7 show about the lead up to the Winter Classic is a great fucking show and you all should be watching it.


  1. LOL i love the picture of stafford with the word die captioned lol

  2. Hi mom.

    He burns Thomas every time. He should die haha

  3. hahaha great blog!! You right just like my man, check it out:

    p.s. I agree, taking back Ovechkin's goal was the highlight of the game for me!

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