Saturday, January 15, 2011

Penguins 3, Bruins 2: .........

The best part of this picture is the beer in mid-spill.
God damn it. That was a great game. I really wanted them to pull this one out today, but you can't come back against the Penguins in the third EVERY game. I'm sitting here with writer's block trying to think of someone to shit on, but I'm drawing a blank. Everyone played hard and contributed but they just weren't able to tie the game up. Seidenberg and Ryder had goals for the B's, two in 13 seconds. I think it was Ryder that had two shots in the third that went off the post. Another inch one way and the game might have been a  lot different. That's the way it goes sometimes. A loss is still a loss, but I am surprisingly proud of the Bruins today.

Okay, enough of that soft shit. Did you see Kampfer get his nose knocked in? Holy shit that looked painful! The best part was that Dupuis took a 4 minute penalty for it, even though it was Chara's stick that hit him. The blown call was all for naught, as the Bruin's power play looked sub-par. I'd like to give a tip of the cap to Gregory Campbell, who dropped the gloves with Craig Adams and knocked his fucking block off.

Kris Letang is the toughest guy on the ice, after the whistle and when the refs are close by. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Let's not forget that sack of shit Matt Cooke was challenged by McQ and Boychuk, but the eternal tough-guy wouldn't oblige, similar to when he wouldn't take off his helmet and visor when Thorty came looking for him. Says a lot.

Speaking of Thornton, I get to go meet him tomorrow in Manchester, NH. Hopefully he will sign a photo and punch me in the face.

Next up for the Bruins: Monday at home against Carolina at 1 pm.


  1. I got hang with Thornton for few moments when he was scratched one night (07/08 season.) I brought this young kid and his father from MA, who just won a squirt or midgets championship to take photos with him. He was cool and genuinely engaged with the people.

    Should be willing to sign your gear.

  2. HAHAH the word I had to verify to post my last comment was:



  3. He was a good guy today, very friendly despite the huge line.