Friday, January 14, 2011

Bruins 7, Flyers 5: My left arm is tingling...

I may be a Shawn Thornton fan boy, but this is a good god damn picture.

Watching last night’s game was a perfect metaphor for being a Bruins fan. They suck. They rule. They show signs of domination. They blow a lead. Smart play. Dumb play. Over and over. One of the best and worst games all year. One minute I’m cheering, the next minute I’m screaming at the dogs (because it’s their fault, you know?). This back and fourth shit is going to lead to a heart attack with a stroke thrown in for good measure.

They seem to have found their scoring touch. In the last 3 games, they have posted 17 goals. Last night the B’s had points by 12 players, including goals by SEVEN different guys: Chara, Bergeron, Recchi, Ryder, Marchand, Kampfer and Campbell. Lets focus on them.

Big Z: Looks like he may have gotten his head out of his ass, as he has been putting up some points lately. Also got named to the All-Star team because he is 9 feet tall.

Bergie: This guy is a total stud right now. He has like 148 points in his last 9 games (or something like that).

Old Man: At 42, this old bastard is not only relevant, but one of the best players on the team. If he isn’t hustling to the net, that third goal would never have gone in.

Ryder: Was in a scoring drought, nice to see him hit the back of the net.

Marchand: Continues to get better and better. This guy is such an asshole on the ice, its hilarious. And even better, he skates hard and scores goals. I thought that he would be a fourth-liner all season, but he is proving he belongs up with Bergeron. Thornton and Campbell probably miss him, but Danny “The Hammer” Paille is making a few plays.

Kampfer: Holy shit, this guy. When he got called up, I was thinking “Okay, this kid will fill in for a while, then be gone when Stuart comes back.” Now, the Bruins brass will have a big decision to make when Stuart gets healthy. Scoring the game winner last night certainly helps his cause (and knocking Scott Hartnell on his ass doesn’t hurt either).

Campbell: Seems to be there when you need an empty-netter. Good fourth line guy.

And let’s not forget Thomas. Timmy, why do you do this to us? Only this guy will shut out a team one night, and give up five the next. Oh well, fuck it. The bruins still got the win and beat a really good Flyers team.

Thorty fought with Jody Shelley (for you non-hockey fans, that’s a dude) and both looked okay in a decent fight. Thornton usually gives up height and weight, and this was no exception. Both guys threw some and ate some.

My homeboy Dan Carcillo wasn’t out on the ice (healthy scratch or Carcillo flu?). Can’t Flyers fans just admit that this guy sucks? Jeremy, I'm looking in your direction.

The Bruins play the Pens on Saturday (don't forget, 1PM matinee start) and Crosby or not, hopefully will kick the shit out of them and keep this train rolling.


The NHL released the Bruins-themed comic book nerd superhero today. It looks more like a werewolf than a bear. And why is he dressed like he's going to a gay dance club?


  1. LOL. my fav hh blog yet! nailed everything. even the detail of campbell always getting the empty netters. the recchi goal was more than just hard work. he knew excacly what he was doing when he fired it into that corner. if you will recall that same corner did that to thomas in the ottawa masacre game. granted the sens suck and never had a chance on it. with that being said its never gonna be a sure thing on that corner bounce but look for more b's trying for it. Now, i know what you are saying bout thomas last night but lets face it, we would have less than half the wins we have if thomas was not our goalie. this guy should be the hart winner (never mind the vezina) this year no questions asked. any success this team has this year is because of him. i'll by a harnall jersey befor i complain about Mr. Thomas. Very exciting game last night. lets keep it up!!

  2. thats "buy" and "hartnall"

  3. Haha I agree, we would be the leafs without Thomas. Most of those goals were defensive break downs. It was an awesome game, but I would just rather them blow out every team. Great win over the first place team.