Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bruins 6, Senators 0

I want games like this every night.

There's no mincing words; the B's kicked the Senators ass last night, plain and simple. Bergie had his first ever hat trick, and Marchand (who is improving every game), Dunkin-Donuts-hawkin' Seguin and Wheeler (still running around like a raped ape! Awesome!) also had tallies. Timmy got the shutout again and wasn't tested too much. They looked dominating out there and despite playing a lowly team like Ottawa, hopefully they can use this as momentum and play like this regularly.

And to be fair, the Senators suck. A lot. As always, they brought their physical game (the only one they have) and last night's game had 3 fights. First, Horton and Winchester had a quick tilt that escalated from some pushing and shoving. Next, Thornton went with Carkner and both landed some good punches in a great fight. The last fight, one of the most odd things I've seen this season, was Carkner dropping the gloves with Danny Paille. Yes, that Danny Paille. Carkner threw a couple punches that got all helmet and the refs came in to break it up before Paille got killed. At that point, Paille landed 3 solid bombs and knocked Carkner down. Ha ha, holy shit! Normally I don't like guys punching after the refs come in, but fuck Carkner for going after a small guy, totally unprovoked (and fuck him because he's Matt Carkner). That dumb shit got his meat head punched in, and he certainly wasn't happy about it (can't wait for the next B's/Sens game!).

The Bruins are 9-2-1 when Shawn Thornton fights, so that should tell you something. When they bring their tough game, they beat some asses. They will need that for Thursday when the Eastern leading Flyers come to town. Also, I'm calling it now. Thornton will chase Carcillo around all night, but that diving bag of shit won't oblige, just like always.


  1. I'm thinking that Paille is halfway through his first cycle of roids. First the drops with Byfuglien and now with Carkner. I guess he only fights guys over 6'3" and 230lbs.

  2. It reminded me of "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie beats up the much bigger bully haha. He wants to play and not be a scratch so he's gotta get some attention. I think the next non fighter to drop will be Wheeler, and hopefully it goes a little better than his "fight" with O'Byrne.

    Also, how do you get your blog on Bruins Buzztap on Twitter? I probably have to have more than 5 people read this blog haha.

  3. Shit, Paille is definitely channeling the Ralphie energy!
    As for your question, I have no fucking clue. I'll see what I can find.