Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bruins 6, Avalanche 2: Still lookin' good (unless you are Marc Savard).

He's so good he now plays the whole defensive zone.

After a little hiccup against Buffalo the other night, the Bruins knocked the Avalanche around yesterday afternoon (Side note: a lot of these little hiccups seem to coincide with Rask in net. Hmmmm). Timmy played another great game, and the Bruins offense has been lighting it up lately. In the last 12 games, the Bruins have averaged 4 goals per game. Those kind of numbers will allow you to rack up wins, and yesterday was no exception. Marchand and Lucic each had two goals and Recchi and Bergeron also scored.

For real, how good is the Marchand/Bergeron/Recchi line? They are simply on fire. Every night it seems this line is putting up at least four or five points (they put up 10 in Denver). Claude Julien is looking like a god damn genius for bringing up Marchand and sending down Wheeler. Wheels is a different guy from last year and the beginning of this year. I think a little Thornton is rubbing off on him, because if you watch the game, you see him chirping and shit talking constantly (God help him if he gets into a fight though). Campbell had a good little bout against a bigger guy in Cody McLeod, and the fight seemed to spark the B's to a couple of quick goals.

You know who didn't score any goals? David Krejci and Nathan Horton. Didn't they used to do that? At least they are getting assists. (side note: Bullshit. EVERYONE gets assists.) Speaking of not scoring....

So Marc Savard got hurt. Again. Former Bruin Matt Hunwick laid a good hit on him and Savard smashed his face off the dasher. *Sigh* Poor Marc. This guy obviously isn't the same since the Matt Cooke hit. If you are the other team, you want to give the guy a little room on the ice, but you can't treat him with kid gloves. To me, it looks like the beginning of the end. He has a very un-Savard 10 points in 25 games, and he's at a dog shit -7. To be honest, ol' glass head is hurting the team at this point, but I don't know what they can do to get rid of him because he is a huge cap hit and no one is going to want an older forward with concussion problems. He's in a tight spot and I think retirement is definitely on the horizon. Too bad because I thought that with the addition of Horton earlier in the year, those two would be a dominating force. Kind of makes you think the Bruins should have went after Kovalchuk, huh? (just kidding).

The B's take on the Latin LA Kings on Monday night. Don't forget, it's a 10 pm start.
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