Friday, January 21, 2011

Bruins 3, Hurricanes 2 and Sabres 4, Bruins 2

The guy in the front row says it all.

Sorry for the lack of update after Tuesday night's game. I had a funeral to attend on Wednesday and, yeah who cares, I didn't update. The Bruins finished the sweep of the Canes the other night and we can all thank Thomas for that as he ran around the crease like a fucking madman. I thought the Hurricanes would come out like the NVA in 1968, but then I remembered that it's the Hurricanes, no sight of Charlie anywhere. Goals for Johnny Upchuk, Marchand and the game winner by Looch were the difference, as the B's held on after kicking Carolina's ass the night before.

Last night's game against Buffalo was a little different. The Bruins have dropped three straight games to these retards. Every time, they start strong, and fade at the end. I'm glad that prick Drew Stafford wasn't there to get another hat trick. Seidenberg and Campbell scored for the B's, who looked good, but not great, like they did in the past few games. The fourth line continues to look sharp. I think putting Wheeler down there has lit a fire under his ass, even though he had been playing well before getting sent down. Thornton picked up his fifth assist which gives him 12 points on the season, a new career high. Campbell his getting better and  better and is looking to be a great bargain since coming from Florida.

Rask was also okay, not great, but not terrible. Boy he sure cooled off in a hurry last May, huh?

The Sabres were able to tie it up in the second on the power play after a bullfuckingshit penalty on Blake Wheeler for goaltender interference. The replays showed Miller clearly initiating contact and knocking Wheels off balance. Not an excuse for the loss, but it sent me into a shit fit for about ten minutes.

Anyways, the stupid Bruins play the dumb Alvalanche tomorrow afternoon. Say hi to Matt Hunwick for me. Maybe Horton and Krejci can try something different and score goals. You know, because they play hockey?
Speaking of Thornton, I got to meet him the other day and got some shit signed. Next up, Big Z in two weeks! (What a douche I am)

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