Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bruins 2, Panthers 1: Thomas for president!

This is your Hart Trophy leader.
A good way to start the All-Star Break. The B's beat the Panthers last night 2-1. Goals by Marchand (again) and Lucic (also again) were the difference. Looch got his 20th of the season, and now if he can remember to fight every now and then, he will be awesome. Marchand is doing nothing but putting up points. This kid is having a great rookie year.

You know who else is having a good year? Of course you do. Holy shit, if we didn't have Tim "Fine Wine" Thomas, we would be in a four way tie with Toronto, New Jersey and the Islanders. Maybe not that bad, but the reason the Bruins are in first is because this guy is keeping them in every game. Just watch. He's insane.

I ask a question of you Bruins fans, and seriously, comment your answer below. Maybe I don't get it, so make me understand. Why the constant booing of Dennis Wideman? Do you think he wanted to leave Boston? Especially for the Panthers? They boo this guy to no end, yet he was a decent player who clearly enjoyed his time in Boston, wanted to stay, and got traded to a shitty team. Why boo? He was great in the playoffs for the B's last year after having a bit of a rough season. The year before that, he had a 50 point season (+34). He's not a Bruin anymore, but he's not a bad guy. He gets booed like hes Phil Fucking Kessell. What gives?

Also, Marc Savard, you should probably retire while you can still feed yourself.

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  1. Every time they started to boo Wideman, I yelled for them to shut the fuck up. I totally agree with what you wrote. People should be saving their boos for Ol' One Nut Kessel. That turd deserves it.