Saturday, January 8, 2011

Canadiens 3, Bruins 2 (OT): The day after.

The Lone Wolf beats Moen's ass.

First Period: Well, things got off to a slow start for both teams as there was a lot of missed passes and chasing the puck around. I would say that the Bruins played okay, but their power play was fucking HORRENDOUS. The game so far has been back and forth, as no one seems to want to really score. They had a couple good looks on goal. Timmy is playing well in net and has definitely kept his team in it on some turnovers. Adam "The Lone Wolf" McQuaid danced with Travis Moen after a little scrum in Timmy's crease. I didn't realize McQ had such a nice jab, as Moen took about eight of them in the mouth. Brian Gionta, whom I will hereon affectionately refer to as "Slash" is just another tough guy in a visor throwing sticks around behind the play. P.K. Subban looks like if Gary Coleman didn't have Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (yep, I had to look that one up). Carey Price made some good stops. Hope he dies.

The Bruins need to work on connecting their passes a little better and stop fiddle-fucking around and get the puck in the offensive zone. I'd almost rather them not be on the Power Play at this point. I need a beer so I'll be back at the end of the second.

Is McQuaid trying to kick him in the nuts?

 Second Period: Well, Patrice Bergeron certainly came alive in the second. Early in the second, Bergie beat Price with a beauty, only to have it go off Mr. Crossbar. Did Patty hang his head? Fuck No! Not one, but two goals! The Bruins responded the way they needed to. They upped the tempo, they figured out what a pass was and how to execute one, and they scored some goals. With around five minutes left, there was a lot of good back and fourth hockey being played. The Bruins had a power play and it didn't look like a complete disaster, so any progress is still progress. Other than the pair of goals, not a lot happened. Timmy is still looking sharp. Blake Wheeler is (brace yourself) playing physical. They look good right now. We'll see how the third goes.

Sunday: Sorry that took so long. Right after the game I was dragging a stool across the garage, length of rope in hand, ready to go out like Brooks from Shawshank Redemption. After a change of heart, here I am.

WOW. That was stunning. After all the praise I gave the Bruins, they basically shut down with ten minutes left in the game. This team really knows how to blow a lead (See May, 2010), and they showed it last night. I still can't believe it. Granted both goals were total garbage (the first one deflected twice and went in and the second deflected off a skate), but that shit happens and they rolled over and died on the Bell Centre ice. The only good thing from late in the game was Chara going after an entire team after the winning goal. You could clearly see Scott Gomez go behind Chara and say "ha ha" (like a little bitchy girl on the playground, mind you) and Chara turned around and wiped the smile off his face.

Anyways, just an embarrassing loss. They are still in first in the division, but now tied with Montreal with both clubs having 49 points. They have 4 games this week. It's do or die now, for them and for suicidal fans.


  1. LOL pk comment! and i hope price dies too along with all the cowboys on his lame mask.

  2. I think that next time they play, Chara should shoot for the cross on the back of Price's helmet. I'm glad to hear that you didn't go through with the suicide effort; the only blessing that is that it's too hard to see through the tears and snot after a total Bruins collapse to tie the noose properly anyway.