Thursday, December 23, 2010

If Julien is out, who will replace him? Four suggestions:

Despite Peter Chiarelli's comments to the contrary, rumor has it that Claude Julien is close to getting shit-canned. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Is this the right time to completely change the team game plan? Or do you do it now in hopes of making a run down the stretch for a good playoff position? You have to do what's best for the team.

And who would replace him? I have Some suggestions:

1. Gunnery Sergeant Coach Hartman. If anyone can motivate a team, it's this guy. Imagine: someone fucks up, blows an assignment, or someone is lacking effort, there's always methods to correct the problem:

"Remember, this was all just a bad dream, fat boy"

On second thought, I think Hartman is unavailable. Speaking of correcting problems:

2. Delbert Grady. I can't find much of a coaching record from him, but I do know that he is quite effective in "correcting" the behaviors of his wife and daughters, so that could translate into a hockey team. And doesn't he kind of look like Claude Julien?

"I feel you will have to deal with this matter in the harshest possible way, Mr. Torrance."

 Imagine THAT philosophy in the locker room? I think you'd see some changes immediately.

3.  Terry O'Reilly. I think Taz could inspire the type of play that he adhered to. He was a decent coach, leading the B's to the Finals in '88. And he was never fired by the Bruins, so that always looks good on a resume. Who better a guy to inject a sense of "old time hockey" into his team?

Oh yeah, this guy:

4. "Mad" Mike Milbury. Famous for beating a fan with a shoe, making bad trades, screaming at referees and being brutally honest. If you leave all the player movement decisions to the front office, I think this is your guy. He also led his team to the Finals in his brief tenure as head coach. If you want to see the "Big Bad Bruins" make a return, I say offer Mad Mike the job.

This is all depending on if Julien is leaving or not. It all starts with tonight's game. Old Bruins assistant coach Craig Ramsay is bringing the Thrashers to town and if Tuesday's chippy practice was any indication, this could be a fucking bloodbath (see Delbert Grady).

Stay tuned...

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