Sunday, December 19, 2010

The First Post (and sort of mission statement)

Thanks for checking out my blog. I will refer to myself as Sea Bass. I am a longtime Boston Bruins hockey fan. I watch and analyze every game, and then break down the major plays and highlights (much to the chagrin of my girlfriend and co-workers).

The other day I was explaining crashing the net to one of my co-workers, and it dawned on me.

She didn't give a shit.

She couldn't care less about Mark Recchi, and his illustrious career. She didn't care about open ice hits and taking a number. She just didn't give a shit. But, she was being polite and listening to my rant, praying that her phone would ring or I would suffer a fatal stroke.

That's what brought me here. I hope to update this after each game and after anything special (like a Bergeron & Chara for three minor leaugers trade).

Once again, thanks for checking out this thing. Hopefully it'll avoid being a disaster.

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