Friday, December 24, 2010

Bruins 4, Thrashers 1: Line Brawls and Rum Commercials

Hmmm where do I begin? The Bruin's were calling last night's game a "must win" and they did exactly that, and in convincing fashion.

So lets start with last night's first star Shawn Thornton. Does this guy exemplify being a Boston Bruin or what? Claude Julien should  be kissing his ass for essentially saving his job last night. Two seconds into the game, Thorts slugged it out with Eric Boulton in a good, long scrap. A few minutes later, Bergie scored a huge shorthanded goal. Then in the second, Ryder (who obviously hates the thought of playing in Providence) put one in to go up 2-0.

A few minutes later, not to be outdone, Thorton one-timed a beautiful backhand pass from the Lone Wolf and buried it under the crossbar. Fuck yeah.

But he wasn't done. In the third, Paille and Thornton had a two on one breakout and Paille had a nifty pass to Thorts and beat Pavelec with a goal-scorer's backhand. Double fuck yeah.

That's when the Garden crowd got their money's worth. Just watch the video:

I was waiting all game to see this kind of response from the Bruins, but I thought the Thornton/Boulton fight would be the extent of it. It's very reassuring as a fan to see the players stick up for their teammates (even though Looch can handle his own... and a suspension for him is almost certain) and if these assholes play like this every game, they are going to be tough as nails down the stretch.

This game had it all: Goals by fighters, fights by goal scorers, blood, a line brawl, and Rene Rancourt (haha). Also want to mention that Thornton missed a hat trick by INCHES as he took a brilliant Krejci feed and rang the crossbar at the end of the third. Ugh. Maybe next time for the Quiet Man.

Now, This has nothing to do with hockey, but has anyone seen this commercial for Captain Morgan rum?

They air it all the time during the game. Let me preface this by saying I HAAAAATE this piece of shit.

So I'm to believe that buying rum and generic cola is this guy's best idea ever, second only to hitting on an old transsexual in an elevator? Really?

And yeah, that's a dude by the way. I don't know if that's the joke or not, but that alleged "woman" HAS AN ADAM'S APPLE. Plus he/she looks 49 years old at best. This commercial would have been so much better if that bearded fuck caught a prison-style beast raping from the tranny while fire and police officials are unable to open the elevator doors in time.

Then watch the stupid way he walks after he puts his shit in the cart. Way to swing your arms when you walk, dick. God I hate it so much.

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