Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bruins 3, Panthers 2 (SO). 2 is a winning streak, right?

Holy shit! A complete game! A comeback! Do my eyes deceive me?

(Sigh) I guess I gotta give credit where it's due.

The B's pulled out the shootout win last night for their second in a row, not bad considering they never held a lead in the game. It's a good way to start the 5 game road trip, as they take on Tampa Bay tonight and then they have the much anticipated rematch with Atlanta on Thursday.

Krejci scored twice for Boston, and Wheeler had the lone shootout goal for the win. Not a lot going on in this one. No fights and only a couple of noteworthy hits. For a while in the second, there was some really good back and forth play, but not a lot to write about.

Which brings me to Blake Wheeler. I have a sort of hate/hate relationship with him, but this season he's slowly stepping out of my doghouse. This guy had a great rookie season, only to follow it up with a big piece of shit season last year. What irks me the most is his lack of physical play. He could be putting Lucic-like hits on people, but plays like a stiff wind could knock him on his ass. Plus whenever he gets a breakaway, you know that the people in the front row behind the goal are going to get a face full of puck because he shoots high and misses the net EVERY TIME and it drives me fucking bat-shit crazy. This guy should be crashing the net and be looking for rebounds. Use that big body!

With Sturm getting traded, it looks like Wheeler will be here for a little while (unless they use him as trade bait), so hopefully he continues to pick his game up and maybe he can start to smash some faces in.


  1. i'll take the win but if any other human being was in net last night other than thomas, we would have lost 5 - 2. i hear ya about wheeler. however i just saw the interview with him before tonights game with the lighting and he admitted that he needs to be more physical. who knows he might actually start to become a real hockey player. LETS GO B's !!

  2. He could be CRUSHING out there. All of them need to play like they did against Atlanta